my blender logo wallpaper

hey everybody ive been on the forums for months and never once posted…so i decided that id post something i made last nite just to get some responses :slight_smile: heres my blender glass logo

wow awesome, I love the texturing!

:slight_smile: It looks like candy. Very chewable. Good texturing.

Welcome to Elysiun af35! The model is great and the texturing is amazing! Very good job!

Is this the first thing you’ve created?

thanks guys and now that i think about it…it does look like candy …thats cool :)…no this is the first thing ive done in blender ive been using blender almost a year now actually at my college im part of a class that teaches 3d modeling soley using blender and thats how i got into it…im gonna start posting some more stuff ive done…the class i am in is actually doing a sort of open orange type movie thing made completly in blender…my job is texturing so im trying to learn as much about texturing as i can. thanks guys ill post more stuff later today

heres a metallicesque blender logo…i was just messing around with what textures looked good on the logo… i might do a yafray glass render later tonite tell me what you guys think :slight_smile:

That glass one is beautiful :eek: Can you share the blend?

Dear do you allow me to use it in an inforgraphic about blender? I will mention you as the creator, agreed?