My Blender Site

(bgrav) #1

I have just started a blender site - blendergrav. It is not finished yet, only has one tutorial and news and generic stuff like about the site, etc. I hope to have articles, more tutorials and downloads to come. If there are any beginners out there looking for starting out tutorials, my site will have a complete set within the next week.

Thanks, just thought I would write this down to tell everyone even though it is not very good yet.

(CurtisS) #2

Nice start to a nice site. I hope you can keep up with it. :slight_smile:

Those popup ads though… :x

(bgrav) #3

Thanks, yes the ads are a problem, but I chose to have a pop-up instead of a banner on the page taking up a lot of room. I have found if you don’t close the pop-up when you navigate the site, new pop-ups are not brought up which is a start! :wink:
Hopefully, I will be able to pay for pro hosting some time soon…

(acasto) #4

Hey, go here and drop me a line:

I think I can help ya a bit with that

(bgrav) #5

thanks to the generosity of acasto and his company, iptic, my site is now on iptic. With the change in hosts, I also decided to change the layout of the site, I believe it looks pretty good now and the best thing - no ads!

Thanks acasto,

(ben999995) #6

when i looked at it on your new server none of the links worked. Also maybe save the link buttons as a higher quilty .jpg as they are a little blurred.

(bgrav) #7

The reason the links don’t work is because the pages are not there! I have to change the old pages into the new design which I am doing all day today - hopefully everything will be there tonight.

Thanks for the jpeg tip, I will bump up the quality.