My Blender Website

(shawnsonium) #1

I have created a site with some of my very amateur work in Blender. Some of the images will be updated in the future though, because they look absolutely horrible. The picture called “Lost from the Pod” is a good example… :-?

(tordat) #2

It’s not that bad as you stated.
Like it, somehow.
Keep on blending.

(basse) #3

your site said my browser is not internet explorer, and if I would like to go and download that… ??

I have not use for IE.

so… couldn’t see your site. hope it rocks :slight_smile:


(Homer) #4

I have no use for IE either. :x
Would like to see it when its compliant with other browsers though. :wink:

(ectizen) #5

Wow! You must really not want me to look at your gallery! :o
Well, tough! I fought my way in through the javascript anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

The images are pretty dark. Do you have your monitor brightness cranked way up?
Maybe try reducing the brightness of your monitor, and adjusting the lighting in blender to “compensate”.

I think the mouthpiece is the pick of the bunch (mainly because I can see it :wink: ), although it could benefit from a bump map (small stucci or clouds).

(Mozilla 1.0 user here. Tip for others: disable javascript, and copy/paste from the page/frame source)

(aeddan23) #6

If I can’t get to a site using the browser I choose, then I’m going to ignore it.

If you want us to see your stuff, get rid of the IE only rubbish (so much for standards, huh?).

(Sebasthos) #7

Hm, I like your pics, they are by far not as bad as you say, but the navigation of your site…please do not feel offended, but with that kinf of thing, your are not going to make friends among your visitors… :wink:

(fullback) #8


I think you have done some nice work there. However, I agree with some of the other posters about the IE exclusive JavaScript — not a good way to make friends and influence people. :wink:

(shawnsonium) #9

Sorry for the inconvenience with the browser issue. If you’re using Internet Explorer and having problems, update it to 6.0, if you haven’t already. I don’t use NetScape (because I find it to be horrible and unstable on my system), and it uses a different method of JavaScript from IE. I type out all the coding for my webpages by hand, and I sometimes go crazy, I admit. I would add support for NetScape, but in my opinion, it’s a horrible browser. If I took out the IE “rubbish”, what about the IE users who wouldn’t be able to see my site? NetScape users aren’t the all-powerful rulers of the Internet. Well…neither are IE users, but… you get the point. I might have made a mistake posting my site URL here. It seems that almost every single Blender user uses NetScape and ONLY NetScape. Have fun scaping the net!

I’m sorry if you find the navigation method of my site the most hideously annoying and revolting thing humanity has ever experienced, but that’s not my problem. I personally have no problem pressing a key on the keyboard. I don’t believe that it will repel people and my friends away from me like maggot-infested meat, either. If you find the word “nitpicking” too offensive of a word to describe you, I truly apologise. But then again, if you couldn’t see my pictures, you weren’t missing much anyway. Examples: A ring, a mouthpiece from a trombone, a whale/shark void-of-texture creature, etc.

I also noted the comment about my pictures being too dark. I appreciate the advice. But to me and everybody I know, the images looked perfectly fine on their computers. Try turning on your monitor. If that didn’t fix the problem, turn up the brightness and/or contrast.

(acasto) #10

Hey HyTeMaLa, I was able to get in using Opera, even though it didn’t like it. If you want to design a site like that, then there is quite a few options that would allow you to keep that, and accomodate other users. Netscape is not the only other alternative to IE, about every modern linux is now using a mozilla base for it’s browsers. When compared to IE, mozilla is very standards complient. You already have your site detecting those who aren’t using IE, so instead of it saying they need IE, why not use a redirect and kick them to a plain, general page that compatable with all. Or if you choice of only IE compiance is based on your navigation scheme, why not have it detect if the user is using IE, if so write that code, if not write the alternative. That way you could have compliance with others yet keep it in the same page.

Oh well, just a few suggestions. Don’t take offense. :smiley:

(S68) #11

I use netscape… and I LOVE sites which do NOT:

1 - Use Flash
2 - Use Java
3 - Use Javascript

So, I believe in those that have seen it :slight_smile:


(shawnsonium) #12

I use netscape… and I LOVE sites which do NOT:

1 - Use Flash
2 - Use Java
3 - Use Javascript


That’s probably because your Netscape browser can’t handle them and crashes on sight of those things, right?

Almost every page you’ll find on the internet uses some form of JavaScript! Even this page does! I don’t have any Flash OR Java on my site, so I don’t know why you’re complaining about that. You believe in those that have seen it, so I greatly believe in the legless, armless, toothless leper in Micronesia who’s been tied to a dead elephant for 27 years. I really don’t care.

I first posted my site URL in hopes of getting my work with Blender noticed, but almost all of the follow-up replies I’ve gotten have to do with my site and non-compliant, inferior browsers. Instead of getting a wide load of nags and nitpicks, some advice would be greatly appreciated. (Thanks, acasto for the advice. I greatly appreciate it.) Or even better, some comments about my images, if your browser is strong enough to make it through the Netscape death-trap (a.k.a.

(shawnsonium) #13

acasto’s post seemed to be very informative and true, and I will take his advice. Expect a Netscape-compatible version of soon! Even though I have no use for the browser, the reason I made my site was for people to see it, so it’s them that matter. I don’t need to know the Netscape-only javascript, I just need to make things a little less fancy so that Netscape can understand it. :slight_smile:

(S68) #14

Relax :slight_smile:

I hate them because they are not a standard. You cannot lose your time coding the same thing twice (at least) to let all people see it. When I have to make an interactive site I use server-side scripts (Perl, php) almost exclusively, and this fix the problem at the root.

This, because, when I make a site I usually make it so that as many people as possible could read it, not just those with the state-of-the-art-browser-of-a-single-company.

I was not saying that you used all that (Flash, Java), I said that I dislike them too.
Of course I have IE too, and I’ve browsed your site with it. You are fairly good at texturing. Your models sometimes lacks details, Expecially the “Lost from the Pod” and “Lavalamp” stuff. Overall, Some more dird is nice in CG and a slightly softer, brighter lightning may help too.

Saturmn rings can be made better, probably with UV mapping a texture and using the Alpha channel

Animation ‘winamp’ needs motion blur, ‘blob’ is very nice, but might be better with colors, environment, shadows… Comet is nice, hockey stuff too.

The ‘Key based’ navigation is, IMVHO (In My Very Humblest Opinion) a slightly questionable idea. Why you need that instead that a nice, conventional tumbnail gallery? I would feel honoured if you would consider visiting my gallery, at which uses, as only feature, frames, which can be viewed with any browser since Netscape 3.0 and which has a very minimal band usage.

Welcome aboard


(shawnsonium) #15

Very true, S68. I completely take back all the crap I said. The creation of my website is also a hobby, to express some of my creativity. IE has a few extra things (like DHTML glows around text, and a few JavaScript functions) that allow me to do this. Sometimes I go overboard, like with the key navigation menu. You’re right, who needs that? I honestly don’t know. All I can say is that I got bored and decided to add something different. Oh well. Everything that wasn’t compliant with Netscape before will be, and the key-nav thing will be changed to basic links.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m tired or feeling weird, but my perspective on my site had totally changed. I’m quite thankful for your advice (for my site, AND my Blender creations).

I’m still fairly new to Blender, so any flaws in my creations are caused by my lack of skill with the program, but my skill is very gradually growing. Your points and ideas have been considered.

My site will become even better for all users, thanks to the advice from you, and acasto!

I also have to apologise to everybody who I replied to in a mean, bad way. I’m still not very fond of Netscape, but I’m making my site better for those that are.

(shawnsonium) #16

In less than a day, I believe that I have worked out all the problems created between my website and Netscape, so it should work properly on Netscape. It would help if you had a later version of the browser, though. I replaced the key navigation system with normal links, and you can now view the images by clicking on a thumbnail instead of a drop-down list.

If any problems arise, don’t hesitate to reply to this message, or e-mail me at [email protected] so I can fix it immediately.
Sorry for the inconvenience to those who couldn’t view my site. It should be working properly now! :smiley:

(aeddan23) #17

Your site is MUCH better now - I can actually see the contents! (This is with Mozilla 1.0, a standards compliant browser.)

I won’t comment on your Blender stuff; you’ve done more than me in it (even as a beginner), and others have offered their opinions, so I’ll leave it at that.

However (and this goes for anyone making a web page), creating a page that can only be seen by one browser (regardless of your personal opinions of other browsers) is annoying and rude. Congratulations for actually making the changes needed so we can all see your work (which I have no doubt will improve with practice and time).