My Blender wish list


I love Blender. But as a product design professional, there are 3D needs that are specific to the field. If Blender can incorporate these specific tools, it will be more attractive to product design.

I have included these stuffs in a wishlist

Here is my Blender wishlist.

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Good suggesion.My suggession is that Blender should have the capability of exporting animations as Vector SWF also.

I think SWF export will be good too.

I have no words to say what I think!
But ‘Sim Pern Chong’ is a great man, on proffesion.

Hi Pa_Furijaz,

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that Blender needed a material library system with a very generic base set of materials. Yes…you can link and append and use scripts to accomplish this, but it should be native.

err… it is native, rather I think you mean to say something more along the lines of, more specific?

I think we almost had a record for longest time between “wish lists” here. To bad they can’t stay somewhere they might do some good, like…

Personaly, I think the best way to get the tools you believe you need, is to ASK for help with those specific issues. It could be you’ll find that Blender already has ways of doing what you need. (in some cases these ways may even be fundementally better then what you may be used too, in others not)

In any case, if you were to connect with others with the same needs, the possiblity of getting the changes you wish for would be far greater. As an example look at the work going on with NURBS currently, this didn’t happen because of a “wish list” it is happening because a group of people with similer interests COLLECTIVELY are making it happen.

In the case of this specific list, a little research will quickly determin that several of these items are already well into development.

Regarding material libraries:

I think a material library system might be useful, but IMO it’s not a good idea to have a specific set of material presets hard-coded into Blender.
It would be better to have a convenient way to save/load/exchange material libraries, which users can build. Perhaps one particular library could then be included with Blender releases, but not hard-coded.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for such a system, though. Library linking/appending will get most of that functionality already, albeit not quite as conveniently.

Yeah, this is what i meant too.

Material Library? Sort of like this?:

a number of your requests have already been suggested on you could link to these suggestions from your website so people can vote for them.

There’s often info in each entry & discussion that could give you some insights into details of Blender you might not have been aware of.

I do a lot of banner work and exporting to SWF would not help one bit for me. The main reason is that all SWF output programs produce super large files. The professional banner companies have strict guidelines on file sizes for internet advertising. Most internet advertising is going video anyway. So standard rendering will be acceptable.

Blender needs a new particle system, one that really works as particles, not just a grass/hair generator.