my blender works (endi)


I am new here, but I’m a great fan of Blender.
Here you can see my gallery:

(this is a hungarian page, but no need to read, only look the pictures :slight_smile:

amazing stuff man! how did you do the stereoscopic picture? isn’t there a sequence plugin for that?


to make stereo image:

  1. render picture A
  2. render picture B with moving the camera a new position (distance: as your eyes)
  3. in a pic. editor (gimp, photoshop), put the picture A into green channel, and put picture B into red channel,
  4. fill the blue channel with black

(I don’t know what is the default for right/left - red/green channel)

I lift up this topic. I want to hear your notes about this picture:

WOW nice gallery, bright images. And what detail in that last pic you posted. Notes? hm, maybe give the bricks an other colour, and the bricks are a bit too noisy on the right, too. Are you sure you didn’t paint that pic? Part of it?

Have fun,


This pictures totally maked with Blender. And only procedural textures used!!!

i like the old lab. a great variety of details, you always find something new that takes your attention. the foregroung with it’s bottles, candles, books, ink well and papyrus rolls (?) is awesom respect. and the shadow of the monk or alchemist holding a cross in the doorway (golden section) combined with the blood (well, i think it is blood) on the floor gives your image the touch of mystery. well made.
the only point i might propose a little fine-tuning are the corners where the walls meet the roof… a little to straight, imho. and the blocks of the wall could take a little more dirt and inhomogeneity.


That is some seriously good work! That laboratory really does sort of looks like it could have been painted, and all procedural textures too? Quite amazing stuff…

yes, all is procedural textures! :slight_smile: I love the procedural textures, because I am too lazy to make UVs… :slight_smile:

I really, REALLY like the lab image - the the detail is great, and I particularly like the way you did the lighting. The bright foreground/dark background gives the image a real sense of space. Great work!

Just curious - how many polys?

I forgot to tell: I made this picture to contest. Now there is a new contest, and I will make a new picture for it. Of course, with Blender!
Look this: and see another lab. pictures.

There is some new pictures in my gallery:

I thought I had seen your lab picture at the IRTC one time. I must be confused.

Thank you for letting us know about the new pictures. I like the new work. I like your use of procedural textures and color to get painterly effects. I like the motorbike. Keep it up you do good work.

There is 2 new crystal pictures in my gallery.
I have an anim with the rotating crystal, but where I can upload it?

There is a new picture in my gallery, called Bubbleship (a nice designed spaceship).

Veery nice…
a bit unconfortable if you have to stay in those empty bubbles :slight_smile:


Hey, man: blend on!

Great job.


Bubbleship is designed for gas-creatures. :slight_smile:

The design and colors of your bubble ship is beautiful.