my blender works (endi)

(endi) #21

Another new picture, called “Metropolis”. 15 minutes of work. (-:

(Jamesk) #22

Try stephen2002’s site. He can handle files < 15 MB. It seems to be down right now, but I assume it’s only a temporary thing.

(endi) #23

Thanks, maybe I will have a 100MB space in next days.

(paradox) #24

metropolis is cool. I like the colors schemes in your work.

(S68) #25

Metropolis is very nice too :slight_smile:


(endi) #26

New picture in my gallery, called “Mousetrap 2003”.

This picture maked for 3dluvr contest, but it is rejected. (The contest is for mousetrap ENGINE, and not humorous mouse…) :frowning:

(paradox) #27

Cool, I like your mousetrap picture.

(Hos) #28

That Stereo pic is awesome!

Would you mind if I printed it to put
up as a poster at work? (we have a
wall with various stereoscopic
pictures and I think this would make
a nice addition).


(endi) #29

Yes, print it if you want. :slight_smile:

(Alltaken) #30

how do you get the lighting on the bottles and things to look so.
(not really the right word but it looks so hand drawn)

great images

(endi) #31

Another new picture in my gallery. :slight_smile: Called “Transport ships”, and it is a scifi picture.

Yes, my style is like “hand drawed”. Blender is perfect for this. I don’t know how can I do it. :slight_smile: My favourite gfx artist has same style, look his homepage:

(endi) #32

Again, two new scifi picture in my gallery:

(endi) #33

New picture in my gallery called “Flower Galaxy” ! I think, this is my best picture.

(S68) #34

Really nice!

Your getting really good,


(endi) #35

New picture in my gallery! It’s a non-scifi :slight_smile: picture: a realistic (I hope) scene.

(paradox) #36

Endi, like all your new pictures as well as your older ones. I really like the coloration and style of your work and the richness of the pictures. Perhaps some tips on how you achieve that look. Keep up the good work.

(basse) #37

well, your stuff is great … I really like them… fresh ideas, and… wel you have your own style, that’s important.

…but, I hate the site. everything is broken, and TOO SMALL. if I zoom the font size, then it gets even more broken. I’m using mozilla… (sometimes konqueror)


(kaktuswasse) #38

wow, great art!!! I love your works (at least most of them :wink: )

But i have to agree with basse: the site is horrible!

cya henrik

(endi) #39

Thanks. The style is important… i hate the “aseptic but realistic” pictures… :slight_smile:
But I have’nt problems with the site. I use IE5.

And… Another new picture: a strange mutant bug.

(endi) #40

New pic in my gallery, a human head.