My bones look like dotted lines.


I am new to blender, so i have started by ripping models from other games. But currently i have a problem

I remember i used to have the bones shaped like octahedrals, but for some reason, they are all shaped like dotted lines, and this is only if i have the stick selected, because if i select any other than stick, the bone-line dissapears, and im left with only the edges. This is annoying because i currently have to weight paint my model, and i can’t select the bones while they look like this. Anyone know how i can fix this?

Here’s an image to show what i mean:

Attachment doesn’t work.

I don’t think you are going to get anywhere by ripping models from games unless it’s to study the topology.

There is an option to change how bones look but i can’t remember where it is (don’t have access to blender at the moment)

This one should work

Those look more like parents then bones.

Bone display options can be changed under ObjectData>Display>Type

Yeah, I don’t think those are bones at all. I think you’ve disconnected your bones from their parents and scaled them all down to 0 or something like that. All you’re seeing now are the bone roots and the parenting relationship lines.