My Boobs are fine, but my skirt went under?


I have manage to make my boobs bouncy. But on the model I have a skirt (short skirt) on.


  1. Skirt is on collission with the body, Colission on the body don;t work well with the boobs setup. But if Colission on body is turn off.The skirt fells. Don’t make me choose between bouncy boobs and skirt. lol
  2. Pinning makes the cloth melts into the flesh.

What I aim:

  1. Boobs bounce
  2. A skirt that reacts normally as if it is on a real person.

Any help will be appreciated.


The title reads hilarious! (“My Boobs are fine, but my skirt went under?”)
haha… cool.

  1. what I would do is use pinning and assign cloth physics to the human body. Like, you create a Vertex Group called vgPin and select everything and assign vgPin with 1.000 as weight (which makes everything solid “cloth solid” no effect)… and then u select the boobs and assign vgPin again but with .5 in the weight slider (this will give the cloth simulation the idea that this section of faces is NOT fully pinned and allows for some cloth physics to happen) and then go into the cloth simulation tab and check Cloth Pinning.
    (edit: the human body Object and Skirt should be set up with collision under physics tab)

I assume hat the skirt is a different Mesh object… if so then the next few suggestion will be of help:

  1. there is so many things that can be done here for the skirt to work:
    a) make sure to check wether your modifiers are set up in the right order… for example Armature needs to be first before the Cloth modifier and Subdivision Surface needs to be the last in the row within your modifier list…
    b) make sure that your skirt has more faces than your human-body-mesh …I personally deactivate any subdivision modifiers on both the body and the clothing before baking the simulation… it’s faster and gives better results… also control.
    c) depending on how realistic you want the clothing to behave, use a higher value on the Cloth Self Collision Quality… I myself use 4 as a value… and then take a time out.

It’s quite a lot that can be done and cheated… but those are the steps that I follow, and they work great.
I hope this will help…

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Thank you Bro, I will learn what you written slow and steadily.

The thing is when I use collision for the skirt to attach to the body, all is fine. But it won’t work with my boob setups (which I created using this tutor)

Haha the title came out just ike that :blush:

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Skirt to act naturally to the body: The solution is weight transfer, Transfering the weignt from the body mesh unto the clothes. Yaaay!