My book "Blender Scripting with Python" is now available!


I’d like to share that my book " Blender Scripting with Python: Automate Tasks, Write Helper Tools, and Procedurally Generate Models in Blender 2.7" is now available on LeanPub! (Free PDF sample with chapter excerpts available)

Here is a summary of the book:
"Blender Scripting with Python will teach you how to develop custom scripts and helpful add-ons to streamline and automate your workflow, as well as tricks on how to procedurally generate game level geometry. Once you’ve gained a understanding of the Blender Python API and learned how to load and run scripts in Blender, you’ll learn how to automate tasks related to mesh modeling, sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, and texture painting. You’ll also learn to create impressive demos of your add-ons and how to package them for distribution.

Packed with hands-on examples, code samples, and tips for future experimentation, Blender Scripting with Python is an all-in-one reference guide for the Blender user interested in taking control of Blender."

(In case anyone is wondering, this is essentially the same book marketed by No Starch Press before. No Starch canceled the title so I self-published it).

Learn how to procedurally generate the fire hydrants on the book’s cover in Chapter 5!


Amazing ! I was looking for a book like that ! But will it be updated for 2.8 ?

Thank you! I do plan on updating the book to 2.8 some time in the future. Those that buy the book now will get the update for free! :smiley:

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Good move ! thanks for the answer