my BountyRender tests thread

Hey! I really loved yafaray, but its developement is well… sort of dead now. But povmaniaco forked Yafa and created BountyRenderer with continous developement, and some new features allready. For example SSS. So here are some SSS oranges. Hope you like it!!

Bounty Renderer:

some more sss test

hey another test. I’ve found that it’s a good way to get a finer PM, to place at the same place and direction as the camera a spot lamp with “photon only” option on. Huge problem, tha there is a bug, and can’t use bump with glossy material. Hope it will be solved soon.

Great SSS test.
Can you shared their material settings, please.

another test. Blend mat is buggy and instable, but worked on brick this time.

Another interior with bounty.