My Box problem

Hi. First things first. Hello all. I’ve been a Blender user for nearly 2 days. I have tinkered with the program and made a few small projects. Somehow, somewhere along the line I’ve run in to a daunting obstacle. When I start a new project, I prefer to loop cut the cube in half in order to use the mirror option. Before, I could easily do this by ‘Shift B’ and select the back part (the opposing 4 corners) of the box and ‘delete faces’ so I could mirror my work (until I get more experience with solid modeling). Problem is, now, when I Shift B to select the back 4 verticies, it now zooms in instead of selecting.
I even tried resetting the defaults back to factory and still no result. I’m guessing someone out there can just say ‘hit this button and that button’, and I’d be grateful for the coveted fix for this. I’m using Blender Render if needed for reference. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to the cooperation.


By default, B is border select and Shift+B is zoom border.

Look in the Select menu, what does it say for box select. What does the shortcut say, does it work
Are you using the default blender shortcuts (selected from the splash screen or user preferences)

Ah, I see it now. I guess I got Tutoriosis from watching too many tutorials. For the last few projects I was using Shift B and it worked fine but then it went to zooming in. I just tried the B option and it worked just dandy. I couldn’t figure out how to reference a search about this topic so I posted a thread. My apologies if there is an older thread on this. Yes, I had reset my defaults back to factory, as at this point I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with dozens of startup re-configurations. Thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile: