My Brother Got Married!

Hey everyone, I know this is dangerously close to spam, but its a big occation for me, but my older brother has just gotten married yesterday, being the first of my siblings to do so. So any congrats for him would be great. I’m just really happy for him and her, they are both great people! :slight_smile:


Sure, congratulations to the (hopefully) happily married couple.

A high five to the couple from me too!

Nice, hope they will be happy. :slight_smile: My sister also married few months ago and my second sisters kid has her 2th birthday soon.

Congratulation !

Are you Harry, brother of William the Duke of Cambridge then???

Thanks everyone, they are both really great, and I believe that they will be really happy together.

lol, we were joking that William was hurrying up and getting married because thats what my brother was doing.