My brother's a fat jerk.

A while back, my brother was the subject of a thread about annoying family members. Right now, I’m even angrier than usual with him. As if it weren’t enough that he ate some pizza I clearly wrote that he shouldn’t, now he won’t respect my stuff. (What else is new?)

He’s a DVD arsehole, and the websites he goes to about them are so high-tech, apparently, that he thinks my programs are bogging it down. Maybe it’s your damned banner-ads that animate to tell you that you are using the worst computer in the world. But, he thinks it’s my programs, and so he’ll close them. No asking if I want it saved, no asking if it’s worth anything… he could see the best CGI work in the world and close it, if I was doing enough time to make something like that.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he also thinks that Blender sucks. He thinks it looks cartoony, that it looks like crap, and that everybody who makes a good image in it is a fraud because he thinks it’s a photo, not CGI. He’s judged this based on what I’ve done in it. Guess what? That’s only because I don’t like spending time on things like that to make it photo-real. Besides, you’re judging on ONE person. If you looked at more Blender work, you’d notice that some people do things very well in it. Despite me showing him multiple photo-real works of art, he remains biased towards junk like Maya, 3DSMAX, and Lightwave. (Retch.)

So I’ve put up this piece of paper that says to get me when he wants to close stuff. He hasn’t; in fact, once I found it taken from where it was put up. I respect his stuff, so he should respect mine. I don’t think when he leaves up an adventure game of his, I say, “Oh, let’s see, this is how I close it.” I save his stuff, and he should do the same for me.

So what should I do? I think I should stop saving his adventure games and stuff. Next time I find his games left up, I’m closing it. No saving, no checking, just closing.

I didn’t even read your post. I just skipped to “Post reply” so I could tell you to shut the hell up and stop posting this stupid crap about your brother.

He’s laughing. Read it, off-topic boy. THEN reply… in a legit manner, this time.

I’ll do that right after I take orders from a 13-year-old boy. And that’ll be at about half-past never.

Sigh… how old are you? 23? 32? 5? Because that’s what you seem to act like. Now shut the fuck up.

Save and quit before letting your brother on.

Is it really that hard?

I’ll do that right after I take orders from a 13-year-old boy. :wink:

Actually, yes. He’ll get on if nobody’s there. And then if I haven’t saved anything, it’s bye-bye.

Hey cubefan, get a blog… then make one threa, and everytime you update the blog, add a msg to the thread, that way we won’t have quite so many thread sform you…

Agreed. Make yourself a blog.


Yup. We’re the stupid ones. Now you should make fun of blogs and say how dumb they are and that we’re stupid for talking about them. Exert minimal effort by using google and you’ll quickly find out what a “blog” is.

No. What’s a blog?

Lets just put it this way…if you don’t have one…you’re totally bloggless :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, yes. He’ll get on if nobody’s there. And then if I haven’t saved anything, it’s bye-bye.[/quote]

Well, now it’s time for you to learn The Most Important Lesson when dealing with computers:
You know that your work is going to get trashed, should you leave the computer alone for a moment, so WHY THE HELL you haven’t learned that lesson already?!

wasn’t there a topic a while ago about autosaving in blender.
apparently blender saves evertime you tab in or out of edit mode.
this should give you enough saves to rebuild your hellacool cg work.
to get back ontopic, it seems you’re in the prime of you’re puberty.
all the whining about your brother, girls, school etc.
but hell I don’t mind, I just skip most of the crap like the rest.

And do backups, incremental backups daily

Complete backups weekly

Buy 20 dat cardridges, label them, use seven in rotations for incremental backups, 5 in rotation for weekly total backups, Store last cardridge of each month for eternity.

This might keep you buisy but you can save some of your time by
make these kinds of posts less often.


ah! Right on!


LOL. And stick to the EGM forums pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.

CubeFan I think you screwd up really bad this time…

I think the only viable solution for you right now is to “humble” yourself a little bit and ask forgiveness…

This is just a friendly advise…

One more thing…

Your brother sounds like a “younger brother” to me allright… Just try never to forget that…