My brother's a fat jerk.

He’s older than I am.

BTW: Desoto-111, here’s a hint. If you think that everything I say is stupid, don’t read it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen YOU start a single thread.

You obviously weren’t looking very hard.

cubefan, a word of advice, this will blow you your mind completly, so make sure you sitting down, and you have a diaper on. seriously man, it hit me that hard when i had to learn it, and i still am.


get used to it!! %|

oh, and one more thing:

Of course not. Why would I bother looking for something of my enemy?

Yet you still continue to read my posts…

Because I’m interested in what people have to flame about my posts. Duh.

You’ve managed to use the word “duh” more times than I’ve heard it in the last 10 years in just one day. Do you have a keyboard from early 90’s with a “Duh” key?

another word of advice, stop posting meaningless BS like this.

do something real with your life other than posting more meaningless BS like this.

life isn’t fair. if it was, this world would be a much better place.

i’m getting so sick and tired of your naive postings cube. :expressionless:

BTW- your sig says:


we aren’t provoking you, your provoking us, with this meaningless BS.

so please for elysiun’s sake, SHUT THE BLOODY HECK UP

you may just end up bringing elysiun to it’s knees. one more stupid post like this and i’m asking an admin to ban you for a week. a long shot it is, but i think you could use a little time out.

If I had a brother and a problem like yours, I’d sit down and have a chat with him. I’d ask him to come check from me if some programs could be shut and to respect my things, because I’d respect his. You say he’s older than you? He should be mature enough.
Now I’m gonna get some coffee.

is he REAL fat?

how much he weigh, like…

one Ton?

Boy…these Ton jokes are really really hilarious. lol.

I don’t think his brother will reason with him. People around that age don’t know what reason is.

I haven’t been around much here lately. Could someone fill me in on the reason of the Ton jokes?


Hey Adam, nice to see you :slight_smile:

Could someone fill me in on the reason of the Ton jokes?

Ton Roosendaal <- any hint?


Hey Theeth :slight_smile:

I figured it was about Ton, just didn’t know if there was anything to it.

desoto, stop insulting. it looks ridiculous

desoto, stop insulting. it looks ridiculous

Who was I insulting?