My brush texture doesn't look the same as on the preview

I don’t know why, I’m still new to blender but I’m trying, and finally after much research I’m able to paint using the texture from the brush into my material for the cube. However when I do preview on rendering I get an ugly texture instead. Can someone point me to a good destination? I want it to look exactly as on the preview pane or the uv editor. Preview pane better.

Seems to work ok for me

oh yea it works for now. I am not entirely sure why it didn’t work before but saving the image texture has something to do with it I’m sure, without saving the image the viewport texture preview is not the one rendered which is strange.

Try setting the Vector input on your image texture to your UV Map. It usually does that by default when you have a UV Map applied to a mesh, but in your case it may not be working. So add a UV Map node:

Maybe it will work…

I think it wasn’t showing exactly as on the preview because I wasn’t saving the modified image.