My Buildings
These are some of the buildings that I have made.
Comments and criticism are much appreciated.
If you like them and want to check them out in more detail, or if you want the model, they are available on turbosquid under the author name “D_Money” without the quotes. Two are free and the other two are only $3.

Great job. I really like the last two buildings. You should try lighting them with an hdri in yafray.

I don’t think I would pay money for a model though. I think elysiun might not be the best place to advertise considering most of us use blender because it’s free, and usually just as a hobby. If I was selling my art I would probably consider buying models such as those.

Thank you for your comments. I do know what you mean about the advertising here :expressionless: Blender being free is also the reason why I use it and it is just a hobby.

However, the two that you like are free for download on turbosquid. So if you want to texture and render the files using HDRI then you can get those models for free on turbosquid. I really appreciate free/really cheap models which is why I have made most of my models free. Currently only two out of the 10-12 models I have on turbosquid you have to pay for.

Oh yeah, Im also donating half of the money I make to blender. :smiley: so im really not in it for profit. If i was i wouldnt be using blender.

I really like architecture, and conceptual artistic works. So I have to say, I love the last two sets of buildings. I would definately like to see you make a scene out of any more concepts you have. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your comments and encouragement :smiley:

It’s like I’m playing Sim City.

Looks pretty good. Nice simple designs for the first, second, and fourth, and a good more complex design for the third. They look better than the buildings I’ve come up with.