My Button not Going In to Right Scene/File

Hello Friends,
This is my first posting, i’m just starting in BGE from last month, recently i’ve been developing an application using BGE that showing video in every scene of the application.
The application that i developed has 9 button in the main menu and I’m coming in to a problem while i created more than 2 scene. My button didn’t go in to the scene or file (since i make another scene in another file).
I’m using blender 2.75

This is the screeshot of the button

After i clicked the button the screen displaying another scene. And this is the logic editor of the button

Any solution for this problem.? i really appreciate your answer. Thanks…

regards, Weli14


The Game Actuator does not add/change the scene it ends the game session and starts a different game.

If you want to switch scenes better sue the Scene Actuator.

Additionally your logic says:

a) When the cursor is over the button -> play an action
b) when the left mouse button is pressed (regardless where the cursor is) -> start a different game.

I assume you want:
b) when the left mouse button is pressed AND the cursor is over the button -> start …

thanks for your answer monster,
but actually, i already try using the scene actuator before, and set the scene that i wanted to, but the same problem occured, when i clicked the 1st button the screen didn’t display the 1st scene that i set before, instead, it’s displaying the second or another scene.

As written above, your design reacts on mouse click, not on mouse click AND mouse over.

I suggest to connect the first sensor with the second controller.