My [BWC] Entry So far {The labrery(working title)} (WIP)

Hi, this is my enry si far, ^(sorry about the overuse of brackts in the name)^ :stuck_out_tongue:
Its a wizards assistant making mistakes in the librery. Still early days.
Tell me what you guys think.
thanx :slight_smile:

What are the mistakes he is making besides forgetting to put on a shirt?


And wearing a dunce cap?

On the visual side of things, the candle is missing a wick, the lighting is boring, needs some more definition, the wall need definition as well, right now it looks like you just have the world color as your wall. It could also use some post-pro, something to liven it up, I’m not sure what though.

You did quote everything i sed , including “Still early day.”
I only started yesterday , and wanted to show it getting better on this thread, , so ye iv not givent him the items that he has made a mistake with yet( whitch is why i had to describe it) Its a quick himi render, with no filters, if i finish it the lighting will be dark and dramatic. and i just have a plane as the back wall as a place holder at the moment as i just started , and the final render will have verry little detail in that shadowed area.
Sorry , but u did come at me a little hard straight of the first post as all you sed was that it needs work in a nasty way >:(
As for the no clothes and the dunce hat , i dono , thats just the way i drew it.

Haha, it’s a great start - I love his facial expression! Great teeth btw.

Sorry if I was harsh. You have to remember that this is a WIP forum, and the reason you are (or should be) posting it here is for crits and comments. If this is so early in the planning stage that you can’t accept the CnC, then you probably shouldn’t make a thread yet. Also I was just making a joke about the shirt and dunce hat, I wasn’t trying to be mean.

@wallmasterr, when you ask for comments and critique,

Tell me what you guys think.
you’re going to get comments and critique. Accept it gracefully, whatever the tone it is offered in. If you still have a lot of improvements you are planning and haven’t done yet, say so. “Still early day” is not the same as saying “This is a placeholder, and that hasn’t been done yet, and I’m planning on such and such.”

If you don’t want c&c yet, you can always say that, instead, “Not looking for comments yet, I still have a lot of work to do on this, just wanted to show my progress.”

@sebbonaparte, I thought we saved the harsh stuff for Focused Critique… Sometimes people post here just to show their work, before it’s finished. (but he should have said so, if that was the case.)

Actually, wallmasterr, you can probably expect people to critique your work here, or in Focused Critique, or in Finished Projects, and even in the Gallery, if it makes it that far. It’s what we do. :wink:

I think that the mistake he made is that he blew off his nipples!

Amen, Orinoco.