My Camaro ZL1

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Thanks Terrance8D :D. now is coming the hard part… Lights, Materials and textures.

Thanks for your words, i try to do it more realistic possible. But materials settings is the tough part, thats the more complicated subject with texture to get realism. And now i have to learn :D. I don’t now how to use Cycles with Nodes, all the most materials setting in the car are made with nodes. So… i dont know how use it because when i tried to use cycles all the car looks black

Other Render

Try checking that out. It is by one of the guys here who created a beautiful model of a car and was featured in the gallery.
There are plenty more of them out there if you need more links

But if you want to find them yourself try Googling how to render a car in cycles

Beautiful modelling, such nice and sensible topology. Well done. On the rendring side, see what happens if you use a hdri in the background and let it do most of the work. Then its a case of just working on the shaders increasing reflection on incidence and so on. Looking good.

Thanks for the tip. And even more coming for someone who has achieved a fairly realistic Mustang . I don’t know how to use hdri textures/images. i gonna used one of those textures to see how it comes out…

Thanks for the link. i tried to follow that tutorial but my car doesn’t see. all the car sees black. and i think is because the material i used to get the color is made with nodes. and i dont know hot to use cycles with materials in nodes… im googling to see what i found.

At last other renders…

And this with HDRI… i think its wrong…

Be sure to set the mapping properly. Use AngMap (You’re using BI right?) for this type of HDR: If you’re using the other type (panorama) use the equirectangular mapping.:slight_smile:

Terrance8D thanks a lot for the tips, im going to practice and see whats happen. :smiley:

You’re welcome.:slight_smile: This might be a good time to start learning cycles, here’s a great tuto for car paint:

Terrance thanks for the tips, i tried to follow it but im going trying first with internal because im familiarized with. So. i tried to upgrade blinker materials to get something more realistic, and this what i get so far.