My camera view appears strange

I am trying to render this scene, but my camera view and render are glitching a lot and cutting off parts of my model. This doesn’t happen in the viewport unless I’m looking through the camera.

Be sure that the Clip Start and Clip End properties (in “object data”) are not coming into play here. Cameras do not “see” anything outside of these limits – which you can visualize with “Show Bounds.”

not sure of what i see on your pic but it seems to be some Z-Buffer artifact on crossing meshes.

Lower your camera far and raise your camera near clipping planes. Floating point are simply not enough for modeling large worlds depths but they’re the only ones we got :stuck_out_tongue:

try to select your building mesh and hit the ‘.’ on the keypad. This should automatically set view to entire mesh and change Z clipping planes^^

EDIT: sry i didn’t notice the pronlem was for render.
Maybe your camera is too far and angle too low ?

thanks, Lowering the Camera near was the solution. I had it set to 0.0001