My car and its wheels.

I recently revisited my car I was working on and after thinking how to make the wheels spin and not the car…vertex parenting! So I parented with the vertex and weird stuff happens.

I tried appending all the object 1 by 1, maybe I had a setting wrong. Didn’t work either.

I also noticed that the wheels were being thrown off the same distance as the wheels to the parented vertex, so I moved the vertex to the center of wheel…but still got thrown off (only a little bit) do I just need to position the vertex more accurately?

Screens below.

Heres the blend file: (play it)

Help appreciated, thnx. :smiley:

It’s wired: In theory, the parenting dot line goes from the parented object to the center of the parent object: in your blend the dot lines go to the geometrical center of the car but the blender center (the pink dot) of the object is really at the middle of the car’s engine. It sounds to be a problem between blender versions that makes the shifting effect.
Using 2.44, erase the parent (alt-p) and make the parenting again (crtl-p).


Sorry, I got it, thnx alot!

Well that seemed to work… but didnt do what i wanted for the long run. I wasnt paying attention, Becuase I want the car to go forward while the wheels spin, so I easily make the wheels spin, and realize I cant use the motion/dloc or force actuators to make the car move forward/turn around ect… So I decided to parent the frame to the wheels/vertex’s it didnt work either!

Does any1 know how to make the car go forward/turn/go up hills(!) while the wheels are spinning? I just need to see a square with four wheels anything!

Help? thnx