My car WIP :)

(Vidigiani) #1

Ok, here is my latest WIP. Guess what type of car it is… I hope its obvious :). Anyway, this is my second car and I learned a bit going through it… especially with some of the extruding. I figured by my 5th or 6th car I will finally get it right :P.

Anyway, without further ado…

(Vidigiani) #2

One other thing… I cheated on the headlight and didn’t do it :stuck_out_tongue: Not yet anyhow… but this is a WIP after all :P.

(dickie) #3

the wheels are beautiful!

i really like the general shape of the speedster…
some of your corners look too soft…

if you’re interested,
one method i’ve used to create hard edges
is to extrude the given row of verts and then press
esc. or just nudge/scale the row a little to give it a tiny bevel…

little details like that would make your car totally pop i think.

your reflections are really nice too.

(S68) #4



where does the red tint in the chrome comes from???


(Vidigiani) #5

Dickie, thanks for the tips. The wheels are the part I probably stole most from blengine’s video tut. I did the tread a little different this time, but you can’t really tell since its mostly hidden… I love the way the chrome comes out tho. I might go and play with various wheels just to have more options with new cars I make :P.

Haha good eye S68. The reflection is faked using a reflection image which has some red in it. It looked good on another car I did, but on this one the red shows too much so I am thinking about making a new faked reflection image.

(BgDM) #6

Nice Countach Vidigiani! Much ebtter than I ever did on my first few attempts at a car.

I agree with dickie on the edges. Just a bit too rounded right now. Other than that, great work. You’ve come a long way with Blender in the short time you have been using it.


(rixtr66) #7

not to bad! you can also sharpen the edges by adding vertices
closer to the corners.the front wheel should move closer to the front.
all in all nice job!


(Vidigiani) #8

Doh, its supposed to be a Diablo… but a Countach and a Diablo do look very much alike.

Hehe it sounds like the general consesus is more sharp less smooth on the edges :P. I will definately pay more attention to that detail :). Thanks all for the feedback!

(BgDM) #9

Sorry Vidigiani. The later Countach model lookes very much like the Diablo.

/me slaps himself with a trout for that mistake. :wink:


(Vidigiani) #10

I just wish I could drive one of those… I guess I will be stuck modelling them because they cost like $200,000. I saw a used Countach for $100,000… That is sooooo crazy.

(Vidigiani) #11

Ok my wife told me it need some more color, so here is another img:

(digitalSlav) #12

stick with the gold!

(djfuego) #13

Very nice!
Can we see it move now?