MY Car

I don’t get why you think that cars are so hard :wink:



ROFLMAO!!! That is some nice Sub-d modelling there man :wink:

That is classic! Nice one Pooba!


cmon now…we all know that was modeled and raytraced in maya by some professional…i mean, look at that osa!! awesome work pooba! :wink:

:o Whoah! Cool Volvo!



My god that is a sweet looking car. And I just love the environment there.
Parked on black road near black wall?
Man I wish i was that good at modeling/texturing and so forth. 8) :wink:

Stop you all fools! don’t you see it’s the first time someone is able to show us a photography and making us believe that’s a CG image???

you’re a cheater! :wink:

Damn, he got me there! Are you selling that car? Wow, your driveway is dark!


Ok, ok, i have to admit, I did take a picture of my sweet car in my driveway (which is painted black so that when you step on it it burns the heck out of your feet, it’s funny to watch people dance around :wink: ). Sorry, i just had to get a good looking car and you guys were just so good… :frowning: .


that’s nothing…
look at this…
textured and rendered in blender :wink:

Gee, wouldn’t it have been easier just to take a photograph? :slight_smile: