My Castle

Hello, I’m making this for a Blender Battles challenge which has a few days left, but I can’t work on it after tomorrow, so your crits are important within the next 20 hours. :smiley:

Blender internal, 1 sun light, with AO.

Thats great, but maby put a path leading up to the steps as it looks empty without a path,and maby enhance the ridges eg.

,thats all i can say, i love the texturing :wink:

If you already used a nor map on the brick walls make it have more effect, otherwise make a nor map for the brick walls. (It doesn’t really looks like it has a nor map)

I agree with that there should be a path of some sort.

The grass should have more grass… :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps some dirt maps to make the castle look more real.

perhaps also make a roof or a drain along the walls in the outer left and right of the image.

It is a very good start but for my opinion some thing should be tweaked a bit.

The windows look bad.
The castle needs a door.
The bricks in the wall are too perfect, they need a bit of erosion. I know this is hard to achieve in a short time.
Work a bit on the lighting - it is flat and uninspiring now.

Thanks for the help. Here’s a small update before I get some sleep.

thats better but still no path, i know i may be only a newbie but a path would make all the difference, but still far better than what i could do! :wink:

this looks very nice Wiggie,what are those holes in the windows sides?

Interesting model - what reference are you working from? Also, all this talk of a path, you don’t have to have a ‘path’ per se, but you do need something. Generally castles were built not only as a living place, but also as a fortification, so you’re pretty much at liberty to put a moat, a defensive ditch, rocks, greatspears, an old rusting iron portcullis, anything you like. What you have is kind of stylized…homogenous work, but interesting nonetheless. I would think about taking your ‘windows’ though and either making them Arrow slits, or reworking them with Iron bars to intimate a more ‘defensive’ feel to the place. All the castles that I’ve ever been to proved one thing to me: Iron and Stone go together like Arm & Hammer.

Hope this helps, and keep up the good work, as it’s much better than anything I can currently acheive :wink:


I would put a low intensity light pointing the other direction. Those shadowed areas just don’t look right as black voids.


Thanks again for all the help everyone, I’m calling it finished for now.

The reason there’s no door or iron bars, etc, is because it’s a modern castle and my source (from google) was pretty much the same.

I’m not very happy with it yet, but I’ve done as much as I can for now.

The windows are much better now, the grass is better but the light is still too harsh. A great progress so far.

Great work, like the stones