My CAT 797B

Well been blendering for a few years now trying to learn the ways. This is probably my most developed model have been working on it in my spear time here and there. Don’t seem to have much of it though lately. Hope you guys like it and feel free to give and pointers.

try playing around with with the camera focal length(it looks small like toy)

lol yeh it dose. I have just been focusing on the modeling at the moment. But I will fix the camera for the next renders. Cheers

Looks good sofar. I hope you finish that!

beginning to look good

i began doin gone last fall but did not ahve enought details for the underside
so unitl i anfind more pics i cannot complete it !

did you find lot’s of pgood pcis at all angles to model this ?

nice work


Well I know some one who knows someone who has access to the CAT 797 detail drawings, I can’t actually down load them but am able to view them so that is going to help allot. I hope I finish it to I have a tendancy to star stuff then leave it and come back to it way down the track lol.

it’s looking nice
so later on if you can show the underside i migth be able to complete mine !LOL
looking foward to see it completed

are you going to render it in cycles ?


I will probably release the model for free on blendswap when I am done. Yeh I will be using cycles don’t see much point in using internal anymore when cycles will become the standard render engine anyway.

well i would count too much that cycles will replace internal soon

cycles is only for still images and no animation as i know of
and tthere are so many specail effect in BI that don’t think cycles will do it all soon !


the ultimate gola is to do small animation
but for the time being it is only still if i remember well

mind over a longer period of time it will do a lot more things
but there are som amny BL features its’ gone take time to get all of the little BLfeatures in cycles!

but i hope they
now i would still like to kkep the BL shader for simpler rendering
it is faster and easier with no nodes to use!

have fun with cycles