My caterpie is confusing me.

I created it as a sphere and a cylinder, which I textured as well as I could, and I made them join. Then I assigned the 2 parts to seperate vertex groups. Finally I tried to merge the vertices. Here’s where things got hairy. Both groups had a material assigned, but in object mode to see how things were going, when I moved the view around, the meshes moved independantly of each other. the ball rotated one way, and the cylinder the other, so I couldn’t match the view in any way to help. How do I successfully assign different materials to one mesh?

Video Tutorial: Multiple Materials On A Single Mesh

What if I want to apply a single material over multiple faces, like a skin wrapping around a segment, with a different one on another segment? The tutorial’s way, I would have to subdivide and put the patterns on caterpie’s back colour by colour, very inefficient. I want Jigsaw style stuff, not Paint-by-Faces. Thanks for the help though.

check the release logs for 2.42, you can do multiple materials with nodes, in the same way a stencil texture treats textures.

Can you link me to the logs? I can’t find them on the site.

sure, right here

How would I go about applying these to my model? Let’s say, I have a sphere and a Head for my caterpie, joined as one mesh, how would I put the Head and Body texture on the respective parts using nodes? I’m using 2.4. How do I find the node window anyway? I can’t find it after I split the screen.

i don’t really understand the nodes very well at this point so i can’t give you much advice there. have you considered UV mapping him?

You mean, 1 texture for the entire model? I’m trying that now, just halfway through the actual model, then I’ll seam him and see what happens. In the immortal words of Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man: “I’m a seamstress!”

that’s a good way of thinking about it, just imagine the skin of your model is a garment, and put the seams in a way so it would best lay out flat.

In the case of humans, give them a ONE PIECE!!! ::smiley: :smiley: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seamed my caterpie, but it doesn’t unwrap right. Also, the Zooming is being sloppy, how do I make it more precise? I also need to take screenshots to show you for you to analyse. Please help.

ctrl F3 will take a screenshot of whichever window your mouse pointer is currently in. you probably need to make more seams.

I’ve fixed the problem, now I’m just arranging the sections like this:
Section 1 2 3 4 5 Head
Top Far
Top Near
Bottom Near
Bottom Far.

The faces are in quarters to make it easier.

Here’s the finished product, but there are white lines where the seams are. My caterpie should not be rolling in heroin! What is wrong? Oh, and the squishing is due to me resizing it.


i’m not sure why it went over the edge, but you can fix it by manually scaling the UV islands to fit the texture. just go into face mode, call up the texture in the UV editor, then select a UV ‘vertex’ from one of the section, and press ctrl+L to select the whole island, then ‘s’ key to scale it down a hair, and repeat on the other islands.