My CGsphere entries

I have made some entries for the CGsphere challenge, but im having trouble making a user at the website. Therefor I’l just post the entries here. :slight_smile:
Go visit, its a great 3d challenge!

Say cheese!

My favorite, Thermosphere! :smiley:

And a bit random one. :slight_smile:

Hope you like them. I have no problem with C&C. :slight_smile: Fire away! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, that cheese is the best!

Nice ! I like the cheese in particular :slight_smile: It looks like PacMan… Be careful with the glow, the white areas are too white I have to admit.
Btw, there is a problem on the top of the teapot, the defocus makes strange articfacts appear…

In all of those it looks like you modifid the grid. How do I get the scene?

All are very nice, the cheese is my fave. It looks a bit like the slice is hovering though.

Cheese is definatly the best.

The dude in the boat is funny, Great job on the cheese.

Thanks all!

@Pixelvore: thanks, You are right about the glow, and also about the weird top of the Thermosphere, I tried to remove it with photoshop but it didn’t really help much. I see if I can remove any more :slight_smile:

@Alienkid10: Thanks, I have not modified the grid. The scene can be downloadet at

@blenditall: thanks, it is not hovering. I have checked :wink:


A little clone tool use could buff those artifacts right out.

I like the cheese, about getting those artifacts out I use an old version of Paint Shop Pro but I’m sure photoshop has clone.

good idea, Il try that :slight_smile:

You didn’t modifi the tex? It looks like you did.

Lightning my friend… :slight_smile: Ok in the last one with the water, yes I changed the tex to get the sky. :slight_smile:

SO HA I knew it!!! Teapot colored lighting?

Yes :wink: hehe.