My challenge entry

Here it is.
Why a mushroom?
Because the first version (not finished) was:

that strange thing is a smurf (puffo in italian) the blue creatures of Pejo, and mushrooms were their houses.
I suddenly decided to replace it with a caterpillar.

Everything is made from scratch, textures are procedurals, and clouds are grey halos.
Ah, the mist too, is halo. This project is full of halos!!!

Hope you like it.

[>] Ah, i forgot to say… critics and suggestion are welcome and very valuable to me. So, i want to see the worst bad ugly cruel crits here!!! Come on! Suggestions, pleeeese!

Heheh, cool

I would have used the smurf!


aaahh, don’t tell me!!!
I agree, i liked the smurf version the most, but i was unsure with copyright stuff…
Now i cannot change my submission anymore.

(Stefano, as you can see i have find the way to put my avatar on… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )
Tiziana, ricordi?

hey great job,
you have a very nice cartoon effect to your scene,
this is very hard to do, especially in 3d,
look forward to seeing more

Me like a lot. Use the smurf but the one with the pinkl flower. The gay one that be so funny LOL!!!

Thanks! Tips are precious to learn, encouraging are very precious to keep on!!!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Wu: hey, your guys are’nt bad too! I like them a lot. Unfortunately i cannot understand a word of talked english… (what about a link wit the text they say?).

red: actually i wanted to make him a pair of glasses, before i gave him up changed it with a bug. That smurf that is “quattrocchi” in italian… maybe in english is called"“four-eyes”?

Wu:… what about subtitles in multilanguages??? (kidding)