My changeling characters

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on a procedural character setup I call the changeling system, and have finally got it to a stage where I can start building characters with a lot less work than building from scratch every time I want a new character.

I already posted my first changeling the other day, but I realised it might be better to put them all in one thread to make it easier to see the different characters all in one place.

Btw, all of these characters are for my pet film project called “Terrastellar”, hopefully this puts me a (large) step closer to actually being able to create it :wink:

And here’s Bri, who I posted the other day, but I’ll put her here too to keep them all together now.

Next up is Nehemiah, my main character.

Here’s the next changeling based character, his name is Nehemiah.

I’m using a more advanced technique for the hair now, though it’s still polygon based.
The down side is that the render times shot up, so for now I’m now using Cycles.

Yay, I’ve managed to sort out all the dramas getting a character from Blender to UDK, check out the vid :slight_smile:

I am amazed you didn’t get any replies yet :stuck_out_tongue: Well, good job, they look good in overall :slight_smile: Perhaps you should also show us the wires used for them since they appear pretty low res.

But nice work, keep it up :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

ok here is reply…nice models