My Char goes straight thru the wall instead of bouncing off

(bmax) #1

why oh why oh why does my little thingie go straight thru the wall and does not stop? :x

Ok, this is the situation (realtime engine):

I’ve got a cam with an empty (dynamic actor) as its parent. When I run this thing into a wall it goes straight through, although i sent all the faces to collision resisitance or whatever you wanna call it. Why the hell does it do that? :frowning:

-Tom (desperate)

(blengine) #2

ok a few things u should checkkkkk:

  1. is your dynamic actors MOTION actuator using DLOC??? if so, use force instead and see if that works

  2. select your wall and in face mode select the face, in vertex paint window, make sure COLLISION is turned on

if these dont work…hmm…duplicate your wall and move it back a bit for a double pane =)