My character has learnt to talk

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  1. Greetings all. As some of you know, I am working on a short film that will be made entirely in Blender. It is called “Character Development” and I have spent the past year constructing characters and sets. I am slowly presenting each new experiment in my Yahoo! briefcase, that can be found here:

My latest test is a lip-synch experiment using a Rick Moranis soundbite from “Spaceballs”. Having the character already constructed, it only took me about an hour to animate and render this test, and then using DD-Clip, marry it to the audio bed.

The direct link is here:

If this fails to work, follow the links to the “quicktimes” folder in my briefcase, and open the clip named “talking”.

Comments, please!!! :wink:

(karsten) #2

I get only this message, if I try to access one of your folders:

The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible.

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Sorry guys… Yahoo has banned public access. I have moved this file to my old website. Here is the direct link. Copy and past it into the address bar to access. It is a 400KB MOV file. Please tell me if you have further problems.

Also: What is the best way to post stuff? Any suggestions?


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And here’s where you can download it from:

(STEMax) #5


Good work! The lips sync is very good. The character resembles those which one can see in the manga…I love it

(blengine) #6

hahahaha! thats so funny… great lip syncing, awesome! =)~

(stephen2002) #7

The video is fair. It would appear that you simply made the mouth open and close in time with the words…no (or very little) lip movement. The way I gauge it is I look at it without the sound and try to envision the noises that the mouth positions would make…when i do that…dosn’t “sound” like much. Sounds like:


Eh…all depends on what you want to use it for. Good in that there is no pinching…the character itself looks good as well. Kinda cartoony. If your goal is cartoony…right on!

(Paul_C) #8

:o Yes, it is meant to be cartoony… the thing I was aiming for here is to at least convince people he is saying the words. His mouth is animated via five bones aside from the “head” (jaw; upper lip, lower lip, left cheek and right cheek). I am trying to make the body assist the words as much as possible, as is done in disney cartoons, and keep the lip motion at a minimum. It is an absolute nightmare trying to do "O"s with bones, because you get puckering - thanks for point out - so the way I have tried to get around this is to make the rest position a small mouth, and stretch it out with the cheek bones to achieve all the other mouth shapes.

Also, I have discovered the ingenious technique available in blender where you can model the IPOs for one set of bones in one .blend file, and import the “action” into the bones of another blend file. Will be writing a tute on this shortly, if anyone is interested. It cuts down on the painstaking task of bone animations!

Anyway, thanks for the comments. Am getting a new page up soon so no geocities troubles anymore!