My character keeps going backwards

Whenever I play the scene my character (a yellow cube) keeps going backwards, does anyone know how to fix this?
game link:

Okay, you need to make any child object of the main character a ghost in the physics panel including the camera. What I’d do is instead of having many child objects join them all together, if you can, to the main object (the yellow cube) by selecting all the objects, not the camera though, and select the yellow cube and join them using control+j. less objects to worry about that way :yes:

Ok, so without looking at it, I would say(my pc is broke) you probably are playing a action,

So, take your animated mesh, and parent it to a cube, have the animated mesh be no collision or sensor etc.
Have the cube be dynamic, and have it apply the forces/motions, while the mesh is just animated.

What is happening now, is every time you play the action, it moves the mesh back to “frame 1” global location

If it’s parented to the cube, it’s movements center (0,0,0) will be the cubes origin I believe…


PulsesOfForce (groundSense).blend (477 KB)

actually I looked at it was the classic “child not ghost” problem :wink:

Jacob White thank you SO MUCH <3

your welcome :slight_smile: