My character keeps going to the same place!!

Hi. I’ve made a character in blender and something weird keeps happening. When I open the file, the character isn’t where it’s supposed to be. It’s some distance away from its armature. I put the character back into place and whenever I render, the character just jumps back to the same place. Same thing happens when I start the game engine. I don’t know what’s going on so can someone please help?

Thank you kindly, :slight_smile: .

Your “Loc” IPO for the Object is telling it to go there (or AVK base key).


Wow, Fligh% you never cease to amaze me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I deleted the IPO locs for the character and that seemed to solve the problem. Should I set new ones? How would I do that?

Thanks again.

No, parent it to the Armature and let that drag it around. There should be no IPO’s on the “Object” part of your mesh in the IPO window.


Thanks, Fligh, but it seems this causes some problems for my project.
It’s particularly a game I’m working on and when I erase the ipo’s everything goes choppy. Perhaps just having an initial set of ipo coordinates would make it smooth again, or . . . I don’t know . . .

This is what happened, to make my character appropriate for the gravity physics I scaled it down a little, when I started the game the character was no where where it was supposed to be, and bizzarely deformed, but it ran very smoothly, as it had before I scaled it.

What would you recommend? :-?

Oh, nevermind, it seemed the choppiness was separate problem. I’ll fix it. :slight_smile: