My character keeps going to the same place!!

(SelfStudent) #1

Hi. I’ve made a character in blender and something weird keeps happening. When I open the file, the character isn’t where it’s supposed to be. It’s some distance away from its armature. I put the character back into place and whenever I render, the character just jumps back to the same place. Same thing happens when I start the game engine. I don’t know what’s going on so can someone please help?

Thank you kindly, :slight_smile: .

(Fligh) #2

Your “Loc” IPO for the Object is telling it to go there (or AVK base key).


(SelfStudent) #3

Wow, Fligh% you never cease to amaze me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I deleted the IPO locs for the character and that seemed to solve the problem. Should I set new ones? How would I do that?

Thanks again.

(Fligh) #4

No, parent it to the Armature and let that drag it around. There should be no IPO’s on the “Object” part of your mesh in the IPO window.


(SelfStudent) #5

Thanks, Fligh, but it seems this causes some problems for my project.
It’s particularly a game I’m working on and when I erase the ipo’s everything goes choppy. Perhaps just having an initial set of ipo coordinates would make it smooth again, or . . . I don’t know . . .

This is what happened, to make my character appropriate for the gravity physics I scaled it down a little, when I started the game the character was no where where it was supposed to be, and bizzarely deformed, but it ran very smoothly, as it had before I scaled it.

What would you recommend? :-?

(SelfStudent) #6

Oh, nevermind, it seemed the choppiness was separate problem. I’ll fix it. :slight_smile: