my characters' head dissapears when i try to render!...HELP!

for some odd reason, every time i tried to render my character, the head dosen’t show-up! and when i say “dosen’t show-up” i mean dissapear. zilch. nada! every other part of my character renders just fine, but the head JUST WON’T SHOW! i’m acctually rendering two characters, so is that what the problem is? what’s going on?:frowning:


Is the characters head on the same layer as everything else? If not, are you only rendering 1 layer when you should be rendering 2 or 3?

no, the head is on the same layer! i just checked…

Different material settings for the head?

Instead of playing 20 questions, if you post the blend file someone will probably be able to figure it out by looking at the file.


You haven’t got Z transperancy turned on full or Ray transperancy?
You hanen’t Loc Rot(ed) your head or something on a different frame?

If all fails, then I don’t know what happend, but you could try:
a) Making a new .blend file and importing your head (shift + 1).
b) try ‘a)’ again.
c) and again.
d) your really stuffed now, and I don’t think I can help you any more.

you guys are all confusing me… i’ll just remodel the head again…

I think you applied the decapitate modifier:eek:.
post the blend so we can see whats up to help you.

Either that or he’s got hair on it and he forgot to turn on the ‘mesh’ thing in the particle properties.

aw geez! could i forget! i just turned on the “Render emmiter mesh” in the particle properties and it worked! sorry about the frustration guys…:o

Judging from your post count I would guess you are a new user. I think you may be suffering from a learning technique that I used. I would push some buttons and change some lights and hit f-12 and wait and wait. When the render was messed up I had a hard time figuring out what went wrong. I had to learn to turn of OSA set the render to 25% and change one thing at a time. Now we have a render preview but I still use the bounds render for tests. Don’t be :o and show some tests.
By the way nice call Lazy.