My character's head

Hello Blender Artists :slight_smile: I am doing a short animation (for my dissertation) with two characters. I am struggling a bit (a lot) with the topologies… I have just “finished” one head. Could you please take a look at it and be harsh as much as possible :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Also just merge random Triangles in to Quads. above the ear get a knife and make a cut across the top of the head and merge the triangles above the ear into quads.
Between the eyes delete the faces and and refill it with quads.

Remember model with four sided shapes and not Triangles.

You could also post a blend and i could fix the topology for you.

Hi, thank you. I couldn’t post the file here so I uploaded it to rapidshare: I tried to fix some triangles in the file although the ear area is still a mess :X The faces you are pointing at in your picture are from the book Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, 2nd Edition. I thought it has something to do with the face deformation when I rig it… and I am also confused about the loops, that’s why I put the triangles there… Thanks again :slight_smile:

I just now got the blend.

i will give you the fixed blend as soon as possible.

It is not the best but it should work. The faces below the ear are still a mess but it should work if you do not plan to animate the ear.

I may have missed a few things just show me if i have.

I also left the faces by the mouth the way they were.

No, I’m not going to animate the ears so it should be ok. I may play with the topology again because I have this illness called perfectionism… I’ll post my progress… Thanks a lot!

Topology is related to how skin slides when you pull various facial expressions so along with the wire-frames you need to show some shots of the character pulling various expressions happy face, smile, surprise, terror etc.

Its the only way to see if your topology is right or wrong.

I used to have that illness but it was to hard to satisfy so as long as it works I’m good.

This may be a stupid question but… is there (by any chance) a way to make these facial expressions if I didn’t rig the face?

You Could Use shape-keys…

rigging is a lot easier.

So I’ll finish the body and rig it asap… hopefully by the end of this week. I’ll keep you updated :wink:

Check this site out,, I believe the guy who rans it is a technical director at Pixar at least that what it said at cgtalk which is where I first found this link. Also check this thread out if you haven’t already There was another at subdivision modeling but that site is overrun by spammers but the cgtalk thread is better because most of the guys posting are industrial pros that make models for animation. There is a guy there who goes by the name of Laa Yosh who gives out a lot of insightful comments and advice, the tip on topology been based on skin sliding and not muscle shapes I got from one of his comments.

But topology is an iterative process. So you model, rig and test out deformations and than make corrections. If you just post wire frames without any deformation test what you will get is a lot of unqualified opinion that is highly likely to send you down the wrong path. I don’t think any two artists given the same reference sheet can model the same character with the same topology so the only effective non biased way to test which is better or not is to rig the model and see how it performs.

Wow, that’s pretty cool stuff there!!! And the “Steven Stahlberg” is posting there??? Really??? Omg :slight_smile: Thanks, man :slight_smile:

Looks very useful