My characters to the next level, this is the time for critiques

Hi all,
I’ve beeing remaking my old characters, you know, who want to start from zero and leave all those icons of art behing(Ace, Hisoka, Whitebeard…)
latest :

this is the time for critiques!!

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and now with whitebeard the father of all (i need critiques on propotions) :

here the old one in my portfolio :

The forearm looks offset from the upper arm, his traps are taller than his neck should be, and even for a highly stylized comicly exaggerated buff dude, I wouldn’t make him completely neckless, and his head seems way too small. Hands could probably be a little bigger, though it’s so stylized I’m not really sure about that one.

The overall sculpting is pretty good though, but his upper arm has some odd forms for the biceps and triceps.

thanks for the good comment, but for the neck and the head i think this too, but you know one piece’s characters

the arms i may tweak them little more

ok i worked more but i felt i did nothing haha

i need critiques on that one

and back for the demon from my coming short movie :