My children's book is finally out!

Hello all, after a long time of working on this, I can finally announce that my book is out and available on Amazon!

If you have a young one (3-7) who loves to read, and loves animals, then this might be a nice gift :slight_smile:

I also invite you to join the official facebook page of the book series (yes, other books are in the making!)

There’s a promotion running on Amazon for a limited time, use this promo code to get 25% off of any book 25OFFBOOK

One last goodie… if you reside near the Atlanta metro area, let me know and I will draw a little doodle on the inside cover and sign it for you :wink:


Let me know what you guys think (either here, or on FB, or in an Amazon review)… I will read them all.

I think congratulations are in order. While I can’t view the work in it’s entirety what I can see looks amazing in style. Best of luck in sales and your future endeavors.

Absolutely. Congratulations

Thank you very much guys! the response I got so far is awesome, which might lead to other books :wink:

Thank you for your sharing. i have a brother, he loves to read, and loves animals,I’m so happy to find such a forum.

Thanks BatmanZZZ !

I hope you guys like it. The book is currently on sale (probably for the holiday season)… so make sure you grab a copy before the sale is gone :slight_smile:


Great work Jassar!

Thanks Mikael :slight_smile:

Congrats that is huge