My Christmas Card

(KC0GRN) #1

Hey all,

I saw a few other Christmas cards and images posted in here and thought I’d show the one I did. This is the first year I decided to do my own cards, so I borrowed a few ideas I had seen done in the past on different sites and all, put it all together, and there you go.

The only real problem I ran into was when I had the cards printed, the stars in the background came out really dim, making the background pretty dark. Guess I’ll be working on my lighting techniques, already got a 3D lighting book I’m starting to read, hoping that’ll help out.

I already have an idea in mind for next years, that one will be alot more original, but I thought for a first year project this one turned out nice, a few of my friends and family have given me compliments on it already, so at least all the work paid off that way :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas everyone!

(Rhysy 2) #2

Looks pretty ! Very Christmassy.

If you’re looking for suggestions, I have some, but they’re only small…
Are those nice halos around the tree meant to be fairy lights ? If so I’d tone down the alpha of the halos a bit, they look a bit overpowering. Also, if they’re particles, using some (very weak) dupliveted lamps would give a nice lighting effect on the tree intself. Nice lighting round the bottom of the tree though.
Only other thing - the snow looks too smooth.
Otherwise it’s a nice christmas card and a hell of a lot better than many you see in the shops ! :slight_smile: