My Christmas game...

(Tonberry) #1

Here is a picture of a school projekt I’m working on. In the project we had to make a game in Blender as part of many other things… this is also my first game in Blender since I didn’t know what Blender was when we first started this project about 3 weeks ago… Now I’m addicted to Blender! :slight_smile:

Some of the textures are made by a school-mate. :slight_smile:

The story for the game is that SantaClaus is very stressed and the christmasspresents with the most popular product (our product we develop) is dissapered. Your job is to collect them them all! :slight_smile:

Since it’s a school-project the instructions of the game is in Swedish but the Goal of the game is to push the packages to the purple-teleporter-thing! :slight_smile:
At the first startup-screen press Enter to start. Run with the KeyPad and SPACE to jump. Press LeftCTRL for “SpeedBoost” (only works near a package).

You can dowload the .EXE file at my (new) homepage here:

I now what I can improve in the game but I didn’t have the time or the knowledge of it. There is also sometimes a low framerate. I know I can improve on that and the “camerajob” is not so good.
But if you like download the game and give me some feedback if you like. That would be very grateful! :))
(Sorry for my poor English)

(saluk) #2

It’s always nice to see new people, especially when they have something cool to show for themselves.

I like the look of the game, it looks really nice, and the controls are good too. It’s a fun concept, unfortunately the camera really hurts things. What I recomend, is instead of using the camera actuator, you just parent the camera behind the guy (position it at a good spot, select the camera then the guy, and hit control-p). For precision work, a free floating camera isn’t too good in general even in proffesional games, and sense this game requires a lot of precision, a fixed, behind-the-santa view would be best.

Other then that, good work my friend!

(Tonberry) #3

Thanx for the response! I have already tried to Parent the camera to the Player but I get weird results when doing that! The camera spins around the world lika a maniac! :confused:
But I haven’t tried to parent the camera and NOT use the Camera as an actuator and look at an object though… lol! :slight_smile:

I thought about using the keypad to move forward and backwards and strafe right/left and use the mouse for Camera controll? Is that possible?

(saluk) #4

It’s possible, although it will require some simple python scripting.

Yah, the reason it was spinning out of control was because of trying to both keep the camera parented and use the camera actuator at the same time:)

(Pooba) #5


No, just kidding. Fun game, but the camera is a bit messed. and the blocks are kinda hard to keep control of, it’s easy to acedentally move one to the side and have to back up. jumping a bit weird, but everything looks pretty good. I like the game, but witht he time limit I was in teh bottom score :-?


(xintoc) #6

Hmm… I have a reletive in Sweden…

There is something wrong with your site, I can’t enter the link
and can’t see the pictures…

(jrt) #7

Yes I tried to go to your site too but got errors, will try again later.


(bmax) #8

same here…i would really love to play the game, but the link wont work.

(xintoc) #9

The best part of the game is that when I enter the link It shows me a cool Error message(Connection Failed!)
If somebody has the game already then he could upload it somewhere? :frowning:

(Tonberry) #10

Don’t tell me they deleted my new homepage also! :frowning:
Stupid homepage-provider! :confused:
See if I can put it up somewhere else along with the .blend file…

(Tonberry) #11

You can (hopefully) dowload the game at my new homepage:

(jrt) #12

Nice work Tonberry. If you can do that in such a short time of using Blender, you should do well. We’ll be looking at your site for ideas before long!

Keep it up.


(Tonberry) #13

Oh thank you! :slight_smile:

Btw the “old” site: is working now…
I will perhaps make some modification to the game at the end of this week as well as upload the source-code. Let U know if I do.

(Blender_owl) #14

nice game especialy for a neewbie :slight_smile: cant wait to see your upcomming games :slight_smile:

(S_W) #15

Perhaps you may not upload .exe files…happend to me once…

(Peter) #16

Hej Tonberry!
Kul att se en svensk som gör lite blenderspel! Vad är det för skola du går i som använder Blender i undervisningen?

(Tonberry) #17

(answer in English)

I study Gaming Studies in Skelleftea. So for a project we constructed LEGO-robots and we had to make a game so we learned Blender. :slight_smile:

(Tonberry) #18

Btw I will perhaps make a .ZIP-file instead including the source-code on the homepage in the end of the week.

(Peter) #19

Woooow! I wen’t there too! But in Computer graphics course 1999-2000. They did’nt have Game Studies when I went there.
Then you probebly know Arash (we were working on some games in blender for a while, it ran out in the sand I’m afraid) . He talked about using Blender in the course. Håkan and Stefan you mabye have met to.


(Tonberry) #20

Hehe… lol! :slight_smile:
Yes I know Arash!! :slight_smile: He’s our mentor or something… :slight_smile:
I really don’t know who Håkan and Stefan are really.

We have some here that have studied CG last year. Do you know Fredrik or Jon perhaps?