My classroom

i finaly finished highschool and we have been celebrating 2 days. we made a lot of movies of when we gave gifts to our professors and movies showing how much we are all happy :slight_smile: . Me and my friend decided to colect all of the movies and make a cd. I was supposed to make the background for the menu of the cd and after 2 days here it is. I hope u like it


Looks good from what I can see… but… you forgot to hyperlink the larger image. :wink:

doh sorry for that. i attacked the image and now it should be good


Ah ha! Very nice.

Google a “handwritten” font for the words on the chalkboard. If you can’t find one PM me and I’ll give you one.

It looks like there is a bend in the middle of the far left wall between the two windows, but it doesn’t appear to have a bend along the ceiling or floor… Does your classroom really have this artifact?

All the tables and chairs are perfectly lined-up, which is almost impossible to do in real life. I’d go back through and randomly move and/or turn each one just a little bit.

If you still want to mess with it more than that you should play around a bit with some “dirt maps”. Not to make everything look really dirty… just to add in natural bumps and scrapes and tonal variations in the color of the desktops, etc.

Hope this helps.

Ahh, your croatian. (I recognized the flag).

I like your class rendering overall. My grandfather was an electrician as well, so I can relate to the type of class that you have moddeled.

What kind of an electrician are you studying for; residential, bussiness, heavy industrial?

thanks for the tips . i have just finished electrotecnical school. it is a school for all related to electronic and electric and now i intend to go to study informatic :). ok some words on my blend : the bend between the windows isn’t suposed to be there. it is maybe becouse of the lighting setup. You are right about the font : it’s ugly ,i’ll try to find something better. The tables and chairs are all lined intentionaly. It os supposed to mean that in this 4 years of highschool we have become more responsable or something like that and for the first time the classroom isn’t like a war zone