My classroom

Mostly made to train myself in my lighting with blender internal, but now with cycles out I decided to give it a shot with this same scene.
My main aim is to give the scene a grungy, dirty feel.
200 passes.

criticism welcome.

I like the overall feel, but it looks like it’s night time… it needs to be lighter (slightly). The lights and blackboard are perfect. The desks look brand new though and so do the chairs. Try adding some holes and scratches in them like the door.And tThe floor texture doesn’t look like a tileable texture to me…

Hope my opinion may help.

EDIT: Also, try do at least 3000 passes when rendering.

I’d say rather than just making it brighter, you could try adding some side lights as if light was coming in through some windows. I think that would do a lot.

Even so, I like the lighting as is. It does make it feel like a night-time scene. You really captured the harshness of the flourescent lighting as well. I agree with hamstaq though - the desks and chairs do feel a little pristine in comparison to the rest of the scene. my opinion may help.

Oh dude that’s gorgeous. Real silent hill feel to it.

Really nice! would love to see a higher quality render!

That is your classroom? Wow. that is depressing. (which, I hope is a compliment; ie that is what you were going for)

I like the feel generally, but the previous comment say it all, little lighter, dirtier and more run down. There are a lot of good possibilities.

I like the achieving of that storeroom type feel (the lighting and the arrangement, plus some of the texturing). To get a real run-down sort of feel, I suggest adding cracks and chips in the wall (not too big), adding dust to the chairs (possibly some mold spots), you could even tear up a chair (just to show use, not like an attack has taken place). You could also break the top plank or just snap it and still have a piece attached.
Some of the ceiling could have fallen down (like those old mansions that don’t have good up-keep).
Just a few ideas (some more extreme than others), but it should give you a grungy, semi- to completely abandoned type feel (assuming that’s what you’re going for).

usually the fluorescent bulbs are different colours/intensities as they wear out and dim at different rates (some flicker and are almost out, some are out completely)

not all of them burnt out in the whole fixture

that type of fixture usually has some of the diffusers missing

in a room that neglected

Just a little update.

Thanks for all the responses, I’ve tried to implement most of them.

I like the addition of the map and the chairs’ dustiness, tearing and moldiness. Good work! It also looks like you added some cracks to the wall, just above the door-line. Hopefully not just me seeing things, but great work!

Thanks :D, I’m afraid to break it to ya but you’re to some degree just seeing things, the cracks have always been there, but I’ve tweaked the lighting a bit which may have made them more noticeable.

Looks great anyway! (^^,)’d say rather than just making it brighter, you could try adding some side lights as if light was coming in through some windows. I think that would do a lot.

Really like the new image :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t know how well that ‘light from outside’ thing worked out, but here it is.

Very nice. You might consider adding some stains and a little more texture to the tables. I think our school system needs more funding :slight_smile: