My colors in certain video players are reversed. (SOLVED)

Sorry for filling Off-Topic with tech support questions lately. It’s just that this seems to be the fastest way to get help on the computer without resorting to be put on hold for 3 hours on real tech support.

The problem is pretty simple, but I haven’t been able to find any information on fixing this. In RealPlayer, QuickTime, and VLC media player, all colors are reversed. Major “wtf?!”. Obviously, it isn’t the settings of the video players, as it happens on multiple media players.

Windows Media Players works fine, but it has a limited amount of formats it can play. Anyone got a solution?

I believe it is the difference between an YUV and a RGB encoded video.

I found all the video from the Camstudio lossless format came into Blender pink and yellow.

Don’t know if its the same problem you are having. what software are you trying to take the movie from and too? from blender into these others? and what format are you using? the solution i found was to load the movie in VirtualDub and change its format.

It happens with any video loaded into these players, from Blender or not. I never noticed if it was any specific format that was the problem, but I know that it happens with at least .mov. I’ll try the firing up VirtualDub and see if it helps. I’m thinking it’s more of a display problem then a formatting mistake though.

Ok, virtual dub can’t open the codec. Now what do I do? It’s getting tempting to reverse the colors in Blender.

Sorry for the triple post now, but I’m positive this is a display problem, probably my graphics card. I just used VLC’s “Snapshot” feature and the colors are normal in it (“Snapshot” takes a screenshot of what VLC sees instead of what your computer outputs). I’m going to try updating my GPU drivers and see if that makes a difference.

EDIT: Turns out the colors aren’t reversed, it just seems that the RGB channels are switched with each other. Applying a reverse color filter still looked crazy.

EDIT2: YES! Problem solved. I changed the viewing module to OpenGL and everything is normal again.