My Computer Casing :-)

(Timothy) #1

Hey guys,

I just bought a new computer casing, because my current one is slightly too small, and has a bad power supply. And basicly because the new one just looks so much cooler :slight_smile:

Anyways, this is the old one:

And Here are some shots of the new one, … which should arrive here later this week:

Cool huh? :slight_smile:


(sten) #2

Awsome !! :o

I have had the same idea…also same model…hehe…wow

(Bapsis) #3

Nice, it has that “workstation” look to it which is really cool!!! ;o) Do you think you could re-attatch the Blender logo from your old case onto the new one? I think that would make the new one look even better, but im biased… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Goofster) #4

hmmm, so technically you have a spare case…interesting…vvvveeeeery interesting…

you have my adres right? :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #5

hah,… sorry I’m already selling my old case to my mother,… or rather she is buying half of my new case, and I am giving my old case to her :slight_smile: however you want to interpret it :slight_smile:

My sister is btw, also getting a new comp,… BUT keeping her old case, so my mother will get my systers old comp, but without the case :slight_smile:
Thus I will throw the guts of my sisters old comp, in my old case, YAY! :slight_smile:

(Goofster) #6

hmm, did you by any chance go to Enron-businesschool? :slight_smile:


(fullback) #7

Nah, if he had he would have moved the “guts” to an offshore account, taken the depreciation, then sold it back to mom in the form of “options”. :stuck_out_tongue:

(VelikM) #8

That new case looks like it may have room for a coffee maker. :wink:

(Eric) #9

Cool, I have a chieftec myself and it rocks. Not the same design but same functionality :slight_smile:

(haunt_house) #10

can it brew better coffee?

(Timothy) #11

/me is now just hoping ATX will be the standard for atleast another few years :slight_smile:

(haunt_house) #12

good luck

(valarking) #13

you have the same philips cd r drive as i do. does it open REAAALLY ast for you too?

(IngieBee) #14

Beware. I got a nice big case, filled it with new goodies, set it up in the family room for me to use, and somehow, I’m using the old one again??? My Hubby took over the new computer! :x Then I had to change out the guts of my old (too small mid size, looks just like your old one, sticker and all) and about 3 extra fans and a new power supply… why didn’t I just get a new box? :-?

Oh yah, so my hubby wouldn’t realize I just spent a bunch of money on my 'puter… AAAAHHHHH 8) the beauty of the old box, everyone is clueless of what I’ve done :wink: :smiley:

(Alltaken) #15

oppsy daisy you just spreed the secret now he will know for sure.

(if he has spys that is)
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #16

hahaah ingiebee,… that is really cool :slight_smile:

But it won’t happen to me though,… I keep my computer on my room,… and basicly everyone else here has their own computer aswell.

My brother has a 1gz amd,… and my mother will now get a 700mhz amd,… well enough for their work :wink:

(rndrdbrian) #17

Nice case Kib

Question is, how quiet will the system be after you get it loaded up?

Will it be quieter than Airwolf’s Whisper Mode? Or as loud as Concorde?

Nothing I hate more than a noisy pc!


(Timothy) #18

well the psu is supposed to be quiet,… and I am no overclocker or anytihng so I won’t really need any extra fans. besides the ones on my harddisks.

I don’t think it will make alot of noise at all.