My contest submission

Swedish School Photography (Photographers comes to school and you get your pictures taken) celebrates their 60th anniversary this year and therefor they have a competition where you are supposed to make a short film to celebrate. The person that gets the most likes on Youtube and Facebook wins.

Anyhow, I decided to give it a try! All of the submissions so far has been completely unrelated to school photography so I thought I should do something that actually fit the theme and not just a random video of people skateboarding like everybody else. So I decided to do a regular celebration, and also, to do it in Blender (Of course ;)).

Here is my submission:

Please like it if you think it is good :slight_smile: If you are extra kind, you can also press like on this link on facebook:

I completely understand if you don’t like it, but I am at least the only one that has tried to do a computer animated submission, and therefor also the only one that has used Blender. That could be worth a vote, right? :eyebrowlift: :wink:

(For those who don’t understand Swedish, the one sentence in the middle simply means “They capture the start of our lifes”.)

Also, I would of course appreciate it if you can tell me what I could have done better, even though “it is too late” :slight_smile:

Very nice. I liked your choice of music for it… it seemed to fit in perfectly.

I can’t like you on Facebook… cause well… I never use it… but I gave you a like on youtube.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Just great, one like is still infinitely better than zero!

I have one question though, it would be great if anyone could answer: Why do the hair blend togehter so much? If you look at the left it is almost as it is only one big piece and not thousands of individual strands. Is there something wrong with my material perhaps?

And why does it flicker around the hair when it is growing/moving? I would really like to be able to avoid this in the future :slight_smile: