My contribution to the blender community

Hello there!

So I’m pretty sure you all know Andrew Price and his beautifully created tutorials…?
No? If not then check it out here
If you do then you may have seen his new tutorial on how to create a stylized Earth.
One thing I noticed with his tutorial, is that all though he supplied all the resources required for the tutorial, they were not the best out there. I did a little research and hunting on the internet and found many images, maps and textures all of which were good in their own right. The problem was that they were all different sizes, did not have the features I wanted or just looked plain rubbish. Being the good sport I am, I decided to collect some images off the internet and edit them in photshop to my liking and that is what brings me here.

I have spent the last half day editing these images with my friend for me to compile into one folder for you to use at ease. I have also edited a high res moon texture with some slight colour and added in a bump map.

The moon textures are: 4000x4000 pixels
The earth textures are: 21600x10800 pixels

I have included and edited a specular map, normal map and cloud map including an already created earth texture, bump map and city lights map.

I hope you find my efforts helpful and the resources of good use :slight_smile:

Sorry for the large file size but 21600x10800 pixel images dont come cheaply, you may resize the images to your liking and edit them however you want.

Size is 130mb and you will require a program to extract the .Rar file.

Clouds image:

Peace out my friends :wink:

I suggest adding a value of 0.020 Normal bump for the cloud texture.

Many thanks to NASA & CM for the resources in which I have edited.

I see that you haven’t acknowledged the originator of the source images or any licenses that they may have had.

I said not to repost the file, anything else I couldnt care about. Remember that I edited the images and spent time on them to be easily downloadable. Considering that I did not have to do that, a slightly friendlier comment may have been nicer.
If you have a problem with my geasture then feel free to remove this thread, all the more for me then. I have yet to find a 16k single image normal map except for the one I have edited.

The point I was trying to make is that you wish people to aknowledge the work you’ve put in but you fail to do the same to those who originally created the images.

A bit sensitive are we? I was looking for the link but now I see. Maybe you should just delete the entire posting.

Actually the files were taken from
considering that nearly all the files on there are already edited images from the original NASA image files, I do not see how I am in any way in an infringement on their policies or copyrights.
Taking into account also that all the files on the website are completely not user friendly and are presented as hundreds of .DDS or .PNG files for a single full image, I consider my time in piecing them together extremely kind.

I’m sorry but I still do not see how in any way you have researched this. I have seen multiple threads on the internet where users have edited the NASA images for the good of the public and I find your assumptions irrelevant.
That is not to say that I have not taken into account what you have said.
I have however edited my wording in the main post as I believe that these files will be helpful to people and I would regret it being removed.

I’m tired, it’s 1am in the morning XD
Link is back up for people to download.