my cool Lego structure

My first model that actually resembles something :stuck_out_tongue: .

The guide for this model was a real green lego piece I snached from the floor.

The pieces are all seperate from eachother.

To have the blender file of the whole model would be too big (14mb!). Here is a zipped version of one piece (200kb!):

Note to self; always add “%20” in spaces in url links (it took me a couple of minutes to figure out why it didn’t work).

In case it is not clear, the file was made from scratch by me. No ldraw parts.

Great work! The only thing I’d change is the thickness of the four vertical sides, they aren’t thick enough for a Lego brick.

Nice render BTW!


Thanks! :smiley:

Any more C&C anyone?

Nice! You should put it in an environment. Perferably something sterile and white, with diffuse glow…er. Wait. That is what I do. Nevermind. I like it! It would be neat in an environment, though. Keep it up!

Tomorrow… I’ve been doing blender all day and… YAWN…ZZZZZZZZZZ…ZZZZZZZZ…ZZZZZZ- wha?- Oh yeah! As I was saying, I’m pretty tired of doing blender now. Someone else could use my lego piece model and build an environment while I’m gone. YAWNS AGAIN HEAD FALLS ON KEYBOARD MAKING THIS: CXVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVHJNRBHJRRRGGVFN.

'bye! :smiley:

Well, I fliched your model and played with it for a while, but really, I lacked the patience to make anything neat out of the legos, so I decided to showcase your lovely model. I made it a bit thicker as per the earlier suggestion, and I worked with the lighting to make the detail stand out a bit. Anyhow. Here ya go. :wink:

let me ask you just one question - what’s so cool about this model?

The guy said himself that this was his first model that was trying to represent something substantive - and a good first model at that.

Anyhow. It is a fun model to play with.

Keep it up, R2Blend.

about your note to self - just use a under score for spaces - there is no need of an extra two characters when an underscore is invisible in most text displays and yet it still provides the same result! Anyway that is what i’d do! :wink:

Me too, I just didn’t think about doing that. I just forgot that a URL name needs to have no spaces in it.

I will make the lego thicker now, and I will build a new model with an environment.

Stand by…

Aw man, I was hoping you wouldn’t answer. You always find what’s wrong with people’s stuff.

Anyways, what I said in this quote above is the reason.
Please theeth, ban kroopsan!

very cool legos, maybe make different colors and pieces and build something cool out of them like susanne (the monkey available in build mesh) taht would be neat :slight_smile:

I think the things taht extrude out of the top need to be shorter IMO

btw that %20 is a good trick, i never knew about that and so always save my files without spaces

I made the piece thicker now, like Dittohead suggested.

If the file was unzipped, it was around 1.35mb, but compressed it it 210kb.


Wow, it’s your first model? A lot better than mine :expressionless:

Not my first, but close! I am not a blender newb, I just am not good at modeling. You should have seen what it was like when I first started modeling stuff on blender. Now though, I know blender very well.

yay hopfuly you’re also tired of spamming

yay hopfuly you’re also tired of spamming[/quote]

Yeah, I was kind of a spammer for a while, but I’ll try my best to stop. %|

Nice Lego.

Looks like your well on your way to becoming
a good modeler.


Good! :smiley: I always thought I would suck at it. :stuck_out_tongue: