My cool turtle.

My first fully finished scene in blender. postprocess in gimp 2.

It actually my first model in blender. Now Ive learned alittle about the lights in blender.

What other 3D experience do you have? Because this is an excellent model and I wouldn’t believe you if you said this was your first ever model.

Good work.

Very grainy image. I like the style.

Very awesome turtle. But at first glimpse I thought it was a turd (please take no offense to that) It is just that the turtle is ALL brown. Maybe use some gray on it.

I love the turtle! How did you make it?

Not my first model ever. Just first in blender. Maya user before that. 2 years 3d experience.

This is how it looked like before gimping. Straight out from blender.

Nice model. Thet textures on the shell are very well done. UV Mapped?


Kinda like the un-edited version better. I know sometimes after looking at something for so long, you think “Something else needs to be done to it”. After all, are his hind legs really THAT far away that they’re blurred? %|

Great texture job… maybe a little softer shadow

UV mapping ofcourse. But I used also for the deatails , clouds - vornoi crackle, as bump.

I needed the DoF for a concentration point in the picture.

Whoa, that is awsome.

One point of critics: the ground looks like it stops underneath the turtle, is that how it supposed to be?

Very cool model and superb texturing :smiley:

(p.s. I like the gimped version better)

gnarly shell is vary realistic

Man, I wish I had good organic modeling skills. You definitely have a great talent. :smiley:

Awesome texturing Bigbad! I love the shell and the skin - excellent work!
Nice modelling too - it has a nice chunky feel to it. Nice bit of DOF in your post process too. Well done.

Thnx for the replies. Very appriciated.

Just how does one go from Maya to Blender?

Funny that you ask. I live usually in sweden, but the last 10 months I´ve been living in bosnia. There is no broadband connection yet here. Just the old 56.6 modem. Luckely blender is small in filesize and fast. Gimp is small and fast too. Thank God that they exist.

So the answer is that I went from sweden to bosnia.

But I´ll return to sweden in a short while.

To bad that blender is not the hands of maya users. So they can see whats missing in maya.