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I being playing with the new Luxcore and this images are from those tests.
The new LuxRender is a great render engine especially in light situations where Cycles has difficulties, as for example interiors.
Cycles and Luxrender can be complementary to one another in a CG workflow especially in Archviz if the artist takes advantage of the capabilities of each. Like I said in another thread, I really like both, Cycles for speed and versatile workflow, Lux for photorealistic renders. (This doesnt mean that Cycles is not photorealistc or Lux is not fast and versatile.)


Hello really nice pictures. I really like the details. A few observation on my part. The top of the chair in the first two pics reflects light too much, its too “white” we can’t see its contour easily. The floor is well made but I think its too perfect. Some some scratches would be help I think, but that’s my opinion.

Could you please share your render time and your computer specs?

Thanks for sharing.

The fact of the chair being too white is not due to the render but to the post-production. Here are the originals.


I really love it. Just one critism: there is need DOF. Anyway, all over are simply nice! :)P.s.: And what do you think about YafaRay?

How long it takes for any shot?

Looks very Nice.
How much time did it take to render.

Took around 3 to 4 hours each one on a i5 CPU. Cycles would take longer to clean. This new luxcore as real speed improvement.
About Yafaray, it has potencial but as so slow development.

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nice quality,for interiors lux looks much better than cycles.

Wow seems quick like vray can you you give me the excact link of the core and the blender plugin?

Nice work camara! Do you use the new API 2.0?,isn’t? Which illumination set in scene?
Well done post-pro job of course!

It’s best to use the most up-to-date daily build:
Blender plugin is included.
Manual for the LuxCore Mode:

The only light is a HDR.

Today I saw the Blender Guru render engine comparison and Luxrender new API did really well, especially on the interior.

What’s going on with the lighting? In image #2, the chair legs appear to be casting two different shadows. I’ve generally had this happen only in HDRI’s which has a sun in it and a reflection of it (say from a glass skyscraper).

It looks overexposed (I don’t mind), but without bounces able to reach the dark corners in the room (almost completely dark). I’ve had this happen to myself, and I typically add a window plane light with smoothing enabled (camera invis, diffuse only, maybe even a color ramp), and add a sunlight for the shadows, with HDRI not affecting diffuse. That helps me sometimes with fireflies when HDRI sun is powerful and tiny (like from own scaling technique). Never tired Lux so I don’t know how that handles it for bright tiny lights.

But looks great. I like the warming from post.