My Coupe

Hello out there-

I was trying to be original with the modeling but it turned our looking a bit like a porsche from the back :-|- but you cant see that can you :smiley:

Any way- added some contrast on GIMP and blurring on Photo-paint, C&C would be apreciated

I like it! :smiley:

However. Somethings I would change:

The background. Although its a blur, it looks like a horrible level from NFS1. The woods, totally taking out the sky. This scene would look much better with a city in the background. Like out of NFS Underground or Midnight Club II.

The Car. It needs reflection, higher sub-surf level. And thats it.

Look forward to an update. :wink:

Heres a picture withought the background-

redbyte- I actually got the composition from this;

but i guess i didnt do such a good job of it :expressionless:

also I did have reflections on the car but i took them out to have a faster render as it was going to take way too long on my computer

and the bumper and sideskirts are ment to look that angular if thats what you ment by more sub-surfs? Any way Im happy with it,