My CPU is reneder faster than my GPU?

I am working on a scene and noticed my CPU was rendering faster than my GPU
Any thoughts on this?

I just updated my NVIDIA drivers today.
Blender version 2.66 final release.

Geforce GT 430 GPU
Intel Core2 Quad core Q6600 2.40GHz 900 MHZ

Speed tests:
rendering in the viewport for 7:12 minutes
89 samples CPU
73 samples GPU

rendering into a new window for 50 samples
3:34 for CPU
4:24 for GPU

as you can see the CPU is rendering much faster. why?

thank you for your time

Your GPU is pretty old and i can’t even find anyone selling them anymore, plus it looks like its pretty cheap, so it’s normal for your CPU to be faster because it is better.

I had (still in my parts drawer) a GT430 as well. I didn’t even bother to use cycles until I could save up for a new card. It was a $30 card when I got it. It’s just not powerful enough. If your board has built in graphics, that’s probably just as good. The only advantage of the card was that it didn’t use system memory, and had multiple outputs.

Your experience is also in line with the benchmark results.

thank you all for your input. I had no clue my GPU was so under powered.
I am already dreaming about my next system. hopefully soon.

thank you

Man, this is really bad. Nvidia naming scheme is very misleading. The GT540M I have on my notebook is much faster than my high end i7 processor. So the 430 should be at most a little slower than the 530, which shouldn’t be slower like half the speed of the 540. Not to tell that I’m comparing a mobile vga, which shouldn’t be faster than desktop ones imho.
But it seems that the 530 (430) is MUCH slower than the 540M, while the higher end models doesn’t have this huge gap in performance.

If that’s true, the 430 should be called 405LE.

I’m just telling that, if the GTX580 renders in 40s, and the GTX460 renders in 60s (little slower), It doesn’t make sense that the GT540M renders in 120s, and the GT430 renders in 600s (MUCH slower).

Seriously, I hope Nvidia go bankrupt First the 600 series are slower than 500s in terms of gpgpu, now this shit. I hope Intel or some other company gets into the fight to own both Nvidia and AMD hands down, because both of them are very stupid companies.